Let’s Danse

After several years on Xanga and at least a week of trying to find the name for this blog, here I am.

Other choices:

Undying hope

Not home yet

Beautiful contradiction

Rhythm with reason

But here I settle on xorosxaris: technically, χορος χαριτος, a danse of Grace.

Danse from Caedmon’s Call, from the longing in my soul, from the simple movements of bodies on a stage to the great Cosmic Danse of C.S. Lewis, Caedmon’s Call, Steven Curtis Chapman, and even the god-is-dead Nietzhce, who would only believe in a God who could dance.

Grace, His grace.  

χαρις, ιτος: f. grace, kindness, mercy, goodwill, a special manifestation of the divine presense, a blessing.

Greek because it’s the language in which the world first read of Him.  And it emphasizes the connection between dance and grace.

I’m not a graceful dancer.  This is the danse of His grace.  I am the heart, He is the heartbeat.  He is the Lord of this danse.  Without this grace, I would be dead on the floor.

Let’s danse.



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3 responses to “Let’s Danse

  1. chairohs


  2. chairohs

    wait, i feel like you deserved a better first comment.
    at least something along the lines of
    yes let’s. let us dance. lettuce danse. oh ze words.

  3. fowlqua

    I devoted about a solid half-hour of contemplation to the name for mine, it seemed so important. well, almost completely solid. and came up with a sort of nonsense question. Houyhnhnm or wyvern? I’ll decide what it means… presently…

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