Senior Year

After I explained all of my plans for the next few days, my professor sighed and said, “Ah, the life of a senior.”

What is the life of a senior?

Senior year is having people over for dinner.
Senior year is trying to soak every bit of everything in.
Senior year is late night conversations with my roommate.
Senior year is hours upon hours in front of a whiteboard, half doing math and half making each other laugh.
Senior year is talking about the future and boys and men.
Senior year is everyone dreaming about how they want to change the world in graduate school or in a career.
Senior year is wondering where God wants us.
Senior year is praying in groups of three.
Senior year is bike rides to the library in the pouring rain.
Senior year is always intending to go to bed early, and never succeeding.
Senior year is 9 am Encounter.
Senior year is football fever.
Senior year is slowly decorating the apartment.
Senior year is talking about the Illiad with my freshmen.
Senior year is being surrounded by Rachels.
Senior year is liking Mondays better than Tuesdays.
Senior year is recharging on a Friday night.

Senior year is scary, and senior year is wonderful.


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