It Shall Be Redeemed

I sit here with my bioinformatics book staring at me, while I stare at the open browser tab labelled “Traffic stop ends in suicide.”
News of a family friend’s death came today. It rattled me.
Not that he was my closest friend or a second uncle or anything. He dated and later married a long-time friend. She first taught me what a horse can do for a child. He showed me how to give a horse a shot and how to clean out a pussy wound on a horse’s belly. The summer I spent with them eventually shaped my honors thesis.
But I don’t know why the news is shaking me so. Perhaps because it was so unexpected. Perhaps because it puts life into perspective.
Then the news came from Fort Hood, too.

This world is not our home. This creation is broken, fallen.
And it. shall. be. redeemed.


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