Praise and Communion

Praise and Communion.
It is a service filled with praise and with communion (who knew?) that first drew me to my church and has now returned.

I stand awkwardly with my team at the front of the chapel. We hold on to the bread and juice with ever shakier hands as Kyle explains what communion is and why we take it.
As he talks, I stare at this group of college kids. I know so many of these faces.
I see people from my H. Phys class. I see people with whom I have walked the streets of New York. I see people with whom I have prayed in Connection Group. I see people from the Special Events team. I see freshmen and graduate students. I see fashion merchandising majors and aspiring engineers. I see people who are angry, people who are depressed, people who are joyful, people who are exhausted, and people who are perky.
And all of us are here because Jesus broke his body and shed his precious blood for us. For us! All of the descriptors that the word “us” includes, He loved us. Loves us.

When I get to my seat, I thank Him. The wafer crunches in my mouth as His body was crushed. The juice floods my mouth and rushes down my throat the same way His blood washes over all my sins.
Thank you, Jesus.


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