Various and Sundry Thoughts on Christmas

– The Advent season was originally a time of fasting akin to Lent. Hence the somber mood and minor tone of many Christmas carols.
– Advent comes from the Latin translation of the Greek parousia, the word used to refer to Jesus’ Second Coming. So, the season of advent both recalls the waiting of Israel for their Messiah and reflects our current waiting for our Messiah’s return.
– At the time of Christ’s birth, Israel has been waiting for 400 years for a word from God. Rather than sending another prophet, God then sent the Logos incarnate.
– God first announced the birth of His son to livestock men.
– Were Mary and Joseph frustrated with/ confused by/ angry at God when she had to give birth in a stable? Gabriel only told Mary (1) that she would have a son and (2) that she should name him Jesus. Mary got no details.


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