Senior Year, Part 2

Nearly six months later, I return to the life of the senior. What is senior year?

– Senior year is Thesis.
– Thesis is anxiously waiting for advisor’s emails.
– Thesis is trying again and again to make the data behave properly.
– Thesis is frustration.
– Thesis is telling people that hippotherapy involves neither hippopotomi nor the hippocampus.
– Thesis is smiling at the little boy and horse on my binder.
– Thesis is writing and commenting on witty Facebook statuses.
– Thesis is believing we will all graduate on time with Honors and completed theses.
– Senior year is late night homework parties at the RMR.
– Senior year is talking late into the night on the striped couch.
– Senior year is doing the macarena during Abstract.
– Senior year is CG discussions about church, the Holy Spirit, basketball, and weddings.
– Senior year is watching people struggle to stay upright in the Chair of Death.
– Senior year is going through all the Texas airports to get to graduate schools.
– Senior year is kumquats and starfruit and pomegranates and guavas.
– Senior year is getting out of class to throw snowballs.
– Senior year is waltzing in the snow.
– Senior year is crossing vectors.
– Senior year is glorifying God with acceptance letters and honors.
– Senior year is lunch with friends.
– Senior year is trying to talk over Moaning Myrtle, the dishwasher.
– Senior year is boldness to talk to strangers at church.
– Senior year is Bananagrams and Mexican Train and any excuse to have “the crew” over.
– Senior year is Skype phone tag with Hungary.
– Senior year is snow storms at home.
– Senior year is Wednesday morning breakfast.
– Senior year is laughter and learning at Leadership meeting.
– Senior year is when the word “graduation” is taboo.
– Senior year is game night and late night discussions at the College House.
– Senior year is delighting in new dishes.
– Senior year is ever-intensifying Baylor pride, and growing excitement for what comes next.

Senior year is wonderful.


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