What a wonderful Easter. (He is risen!)

What follows is a long, rambling, possibly somewhat insightful account of some of the things I was made aware of this Easter.

To start it off, I had a new appreciation of Lent. Lent helped return me to the rightful understanding of Sunday as a celebration of everything we believe.

The last 14 days of Easter were a Spiritual Disciplines project for our college ministry, where we all participated in Bible reading, prayer, service, fasting, confession, meditation, Scripture memory, and giving. What an incredible experience that was! (More on that might come in a later entry.)

Then, we attended Catholic services on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday. Much of it was foreign to me, but much was familiar; we do, after all, worship the same Savior!
This year I marveled at the connections between Passover and Easter. In The Passion, Mary and Mary recite part of the questions and answers traditionally said at the Passover dinner: the first question is, “What makes this night different from every other night?”. Mary responds, on Maundy Thursday, with the answer to the final question: “…because once we were slaves, and now we are free.” Why is Easter so special? Because once we were slaves, and Christ has set us free!
Father David, in preparing some for baptism, recalled all the imagery of water in the Old Testament. The Israelites walking through the Red Sea after Passover hints at the beautiful imagery of baptism.
And finally, you have the incredible image of Christ as the Passover lamb, whose blood sealed a new agreement, a new covenant, between God and the human race that He would always pass over our sins and see them punished in Christ’s death.
Man, it’s like God planned all of that to connect or something.

Sunday at church was absolutely wonderful. We sang He’s Alive, the good Wesleyan hymn Christ the Lord is Risen today, and others. A man and wife in their sixties were baptized by their long-time friend, buried with Christ and raised again to walk in newness of life on the anniversary of the event that made it all possible.
Such wonderful, incredible, bursting joy!

I spent lunch and the evening of Easter with Greg’s family, eating and taking pictures and laughing and smiling at the new baby. How delightful!
We watched Babbette’s Feast (in Danish) last night–a beautiful picture of Gospel truth that I will not attempt to summarize here.

This song played in my head afterwards:

For all that You’ve done, I will thank You,
For all that You’re going to do.
For all that You’ve promised and all that You are
is all that has carried me through.
Jesus, I thank You!

And I thank You, thank You, Lord
And I thank You, thank You, Lord
Thank You for loving and setting me free,
Thank You for giving Your life just for me.
How I thank You,
Jesus, I thank You,
Gratefully thank You.
Thank You.

Thank you for Life. No words can fully express what you did. Thank you.

Thank you for love. Thank you for friends. Thank you for family, blood and water. Thank you for school (most days I mean that). Thank you even for lice, for we know that you are sovereign and in control.

As I dive back into the world of thesis and A Cal from a weekend spent remembering God’s death and resurrection, I fight the urge to let the awareness of Easter fade from my mind. Easter is not something we celebrate once a year–it’s an event that makes everything I do everyday possible. Like Scrooge with Christmas, I want to strive to honor Easter in my heart and keep it all the year.

Happy Easter, everyone. He is risen!


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  1. Greg

    Then ’tis a good thing that Easter lasts for like seven weeks!

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