(This post has hung out in my drafts since the fall – it’s time to make final edits and publish!)

I’m waiting for the online quiz to come up, “Favorite Time: ,” so that I can write, “3/4.”

Something about the waltz gets to me, in the place deep inside where Narnia lives.
The Renaissance composers called this meter “perfect” because of its association with the Trinity.
Caedmon’s Call (in the song for which this blog was partially named) says that the world before the fall whirled in “perfect, seven-step time,” though the song itself has a triple beat.
There’s something about the beat that makes me start to sway and want to twirl. Whether it’s doing the grande waltz with my ballet class or waltzing with my love in a parking lot, the triple beat simply delights my soul.
Down-up-up, down-up-up, trip-le step, trip-le step, 1-2-3, 1-2-3.

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