Success: Dill-Lemon-Sour Cream Chicken

Tonight: cooking success.

Dill-lemon-sour cream chicken in the crock pot (difficulty/time factor: medium)
Instant mashed potatoes (difficulty/time factor: medium)
Canned carrots (difficulty/time factor: easy)

(Note that these difficulty/time factors are mine, ’cause I don’t think anyone else would rate instant mashed potatoes as anything above easy. For me, since it required multiple dishes and getting out multiple ingredients, it qualifies as medium. Don’t judge.)

The chicken recipe was strange but pretty good. I was proud: last week I made something (the broiled chicken adventure) that required lemon juice. I intelligently saved the peel and used it for the lemon zest tonight. W00t!

The brownies were also a success: between my lunch group and my roommate (who learned the word “brownie”), there are none left for dessert tonight. I guess that qualifies as success…


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