I had a dream… (2)

… in which I learned that the Highland coffee recipe includes one bottle of Coke.
… in which I ran for LHS student council after graduating from Baylor, with a platform that included a CG video, an island, and a porcupine
… in which I disabled an invading robot by removing the sticker from his left hand
… in which I won a free trip to Disney World, but had to attend the organizer’s family reunion afterward
… in which I got a purple “mercy” myrrh lantern, lost a pearl earring, got married, and planned to stay in 2 castle hotels for a week
… in which my CG had a sleepover where everyone wore Winnie the Pooh themed pajamas, and I took a picture
… in which Greg carried me to the golf course – which turned out to have a miniature zoo -, a macaque monkey bit me, and they had to call the witch doctor – who was performing clinical trials


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