When I talk to people from my other home(s), their first question – after a squeal of a delight or shout of “Congratulations!” – is, “So, when’s the wedding?”
Down here among career academics, I first get asked, “Will you change your name?”

My answer is a whole-hearted, “Yes.”
For me, changing my name to his symbolizes that we are starting a new family. We are not building a home by gluing together two separate lives; we are in this business called life together, through thick and thin, unified with one goal. God created man and woman to separate from their families and hold tight to one another. Having one name shows the world our beliefs on unity in marriage in a tangible way.

(Note: I do understand that many academic women want to keep their maiden name so that they will continue to be associated with old publications. For me, with my small number of publications (1!) and my strong beliefs on unity, taking his name takes precedence. Actually, I’d still change my name if I had 40 publications.)

If that weren’t enough, Greg’s last name has so many delightful pun possibilities.


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  1. LR

    It never occurred to me not to change my name when I married. I just thought, “Ooh, fun, I get to have a new name!” (Maybe this was a little easier for me since my initials didn’t change, which wouldn’t screw up anything I had monogrammed. Not that I owned anything monogrammed…) And then it’s an adventure trying to remember to write your new name. I recommend lots of practice before the big change.

    Though I was tempted, with the last name you’re about to acquire, to keep it and make my husband change. And lots of guys said they’d have been willing. Especially the one named James.

    BTW, does Greg still want to name a kid James?

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