A Father’s Love

Every “Daddy-Daughter” song tends to make my dad and me fall to pieces.  I heard “Butterfly Kisses” on Thursday for the first time since getting engaged.

My dad and I took the song to heart when we heard it years ago. Every morning after breakfast, my dad wrapped me in a hug. Every night during my Bible reading, he came to tuck me in with a ritual: butterfly kisses on each cheek, three Eskimo kisses, and a real kiss. And I’ve been told I look more like my mother every day.

Now the time has come: next year I’ll make a promise, and he’ll give me away.

As I prepare for this new stage of life, I am acutely aware of how well my dad’s love for me has prepared me to love my Heavenly Father and my future husband. I know how important the relationship between a father and daughter is to a woman, and I know few girls receive the incredible blessing that I did.

First recital.

My dad loved me as a daughter – so I know what is means to be a child of God.
My dad never ceased to put my mom, my brother, and me first – so I chose a man who will do the same.
My dad has a quiet, honest faith in God – so I learned that following Him was simply a way of life.
My dad said he would support me no matter what I decided to do – so when God changed my career plans, I didn’t lose my identity.
My dad told me I was beautiful all the time – so I believe Greg when he tells me the same.
My dad was always there for me, helping me with Physics homework or letting me cry out “girl stuff” – so I know that God will never leave me.
My dad apologized when he was wrong – so I knew that no man was perfect.
My dad disciplined me when I was wrong, and made it clear that he loved me no matter what I did – so I never doubted God’s love for me.
My dad loved me unconditionally – so now I know how to receive love.

Thank you, Daddy, for all this and more. I’ll always be your little girl.


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