Royal Weddings, and Us

The world – or at least the female, English-speaking bit of it – seems to be avidly following the engagement of Britain’s prince. I hear they’ve set a wedding date: April 29.

Greg and I chose better.

See, Princess Diana married Charles three days before my parents’ wedding, August 1, 1981, and Greg and I will be marrying just two days before my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. If Prince William and Kate had waited three more months, they, too, could marry on his parents’ 30th anniversary.

So I get to marry my Prince, and have a cooler wedding anniversary than the “real” royal couple: ha.



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2 responses to “Royal Weddings, and Us

  1. LR

    Although, considering how things worked out (or rather, didn’t work out) for Charles and Diana, their anniversary might have seemed inauspicious to William and Kate.

    What a cool 30th anniversary celebration for your parents!

  2. xorosxaris

    That is an excellent point!

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