Merry, merry Christmas.
Do you realize what a bizarre thing we celebrate?

God is born.
The Eternal has entered time.
The Immortal is now mortal.

The Creator of the known universe and beyond now rests in a stable on a tiny planet.
The Author of language and meaning itself can now only cry.
The Entity that requires nothing now lives off of a virgin’s milk.
The King of Kings now sleeps where cows eat.
The One who can cross universes with a step now must be carried.
The God without form now has a circulatory system.

And He does it for us: the only Sinless One will soon become sin itself to save the poor creatures He loves. God’s incarnation gives us a God who has known everything we know and a God who has defeated every trouble we face.

What a beautiful, wonderful paradox:
God is born!

Jesus, even though you come as a tiny baby, our entire world rests on Your shoulders. I still marvel that it pleases you to wish you a happy birthday, but without it we have nothing. Thank you. Happy birthday, Jesus.


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