Kitchen Adventures

On Saturday, I got into a major cleaning mode. Greg was coming in town, the apartment was filthy, and I had absolutely no homework. Cleaning time!

By the time I had taken care of the bathroom, found the floor of my closet, cleaned the countertops, and swept all our hardwood floors, you would think I would be pooped, right? Wrong. Because at that point, I found it: the culprit of all our midnight, mid-morning, and mid-day fire alarms: the gunk on the stove.

Let me try that again, because it should sound like the guy announcing the attack of the mutant tomato for one of those sci-fi B movies:

The Gunk on the Stove!


Anyway, I determined that you can actually remove the burners, soak the metal catchy-things in soapy water, wipe up the underneath of the stove, and scrub each metal catchy-thing to within an inch of its measly little life. And found that the catchy-things are actually silver, not black.  All while watching Princess Diaries on TV. It was quite an experience for me.

So far, my roommate and I have made it through two days of light cooking and the ever-present tea-pot (the most common culprit) with no fire alarm going off. Hooray!

However, Saturday’s brownies (a bribe for whoever lets Greg sleep on their couch) and tonight’s dinner warned me that the oven comes next. Sadly, I don’t think I can soak it in the sink.

Look! I made dinner! It’s Poppy-seed Chicken from my mother’s cookbook (yes, my mother is now a published cookbook author, shock and awe).

Actual picture from my kitchen. With a sparkling clean burner underneath.

My roommate even knocked on my door to ask what was on the stove because it looked delicious. Score! We shared some dinner, and she concluded that it also tasted delicious.

This dish is Iranian approved.


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