Mother’s Day Roses

A draft from Mother’s Day – I’m pretty backlogged.

I took Golnaz to church with me on Mother’s Day and explained the holiday somewhat.

We walked into the door for Sunday School where a greeter stood with pink roses.  “No thank you,” I declined.  Golnaz, just seeing pretty flowers, took one.  When we sat down, she said, “Did they think I am a mother?”  She returned her flower.

We walked out of Sunday School, where another person tried again to hand us flowers.  “No thank you, we’re not mothers,” we both giggled.

We walked into church, where a third greeter tried again.  “Really, we’re not mothers,” we waived them off.

On the way out of church, they offered us roses again.  We smiled, said thank you for the roses, and walked off with our beautiful Mother’s Day flowers.



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