“The first six months that I was here working in the lab, I got absolutely nothing accomplished. At the end of that first six months I was very discouraged indeed and, if I could have done so gracefully, I think I would have dropped out and gone back to the practice of medicine. The second six months that I worked I had one good break after another and those breaks culminated in a discovery that was published and very widely accepted. And I was off to the races from there on. And I don’t think I’ve ever even given a look back.” – Dr. James Hirsch
The discovery that won Hirsch over to laboratory research was the isolation of a substance in the fluids of some tissues that hinders the growth of the tubercle bacillus.

“The solution seemed to come almost by accident, but the kind of scientific accident uncounsciously prepared for by all the study and experimentation preceeding it.”

“Then it was a matter of finding out, of discovering, by hook or crook, trial and error, or whatever other procedures scientists use to find out what they want to know…”

“It is often by a trivial, even an accidental decisions, that we direct our activities into a certain channel, and thus determine which of the potential expressions of our individuality become manifest.” – Dr. Rene Dubos

– all quotes from Secret in the White Cell by Herbert and Bardossi


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