Baby Blanket

Last week I delivered my Valentine’s gift to the 6-week-old baby boy in our small group.

It was the first time I’ve given away a crocheted baby blanket!   I started in late October, sped up right before his birth in December, and finally finished just before Valentine’s Day.

With my friend Eeyore. He looks a little less gloomy with a happy blanket behind him!

I followed the pattern from A Year of Baby Afghans: Book 4.  Aren’t all the colors adorable?   Baby Forest gave them a good stare when his mama opened up the blanket.

This blanket also marks my first time to change colors and use granny squares.   I’ve decided that I love granny squares as opposed to making the blanket outright.  When I crochet outright, it feels like I make so much progress at the beginning of the blanket and then slow to a crawl for the last 2/3, which does little for my motivation.  Checking off a box at the completion of every granny square – and only working with about 3″ square of fabric at a time – was  great.  Connecting them snugly was a bit more difficult than I imagined, and I ended up redoing most of the whip-stitching.  I hope it will stand up to a curious baby boy!

Changing colors every row, though, really slowed down construction.  For future projects, I’ll stick to larger blocks of color.

A closeup of the pattern.

I also decided to reduce the size from 180 squares to 72.   It was a great choice – I was only six weeks late for his birth instead of six months late, and his parents were impressed by the blanket’s size, anyway!

Full pattern.

I watched NetFlix while crocheting, so in addition to love, this blanket has been made with Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: Voyager, Sanctuary, NCIS, and the Chronicles of Narnia.  Good things for a growing boy?

All-in-all, it was a great project.  It was so worth all the effort to see the surprise on his mother’s face when she opened it, and to finally get to hold that sweet baby all wrapped up in his new blanket!



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4 responses to “Baby Blanket

  1. You continually surprise me with your manifold talents. I had no idea you crocheted! That’s an adorable blanket, and BSG is definitely something for any growing boy (or girl).

    Maybe you can teach me sometime?

  2. Greg

    You’re growing quite a list of people to teach! And I think you meant 108 squares. You could’ve put two or three Forests in a 180 square blanket (which might actually be quite fun – do we know anyone having multiples?!)!

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