Research on Good Friday

When your research requires blood, you become very grateful for any blood that doesn’t come from you.

A few weeks ago I got a large number of samples from a local hospital, and as I was testing them, I started praying for them. Their precious tubes of blood, though they have no identifiers, can tell me so much about them. I know if they’re tired and weak from a low hemoglobin level; I know if they’re fighting a horrible infection by the large buffy coat. So I pray for their healing.

When my friends in my lab volunteer, I am even more thankful! I watch their faces as the needle breaks through their skin, and I know the suffering they experience so that I can conduct my experiments.

So today, on Good Friday, it seemed appropriate that I spent most of my day testing blood samples. As grateful as I am for the tiny drops of blood for my experiments, I owe my life to the Donor who gave all His blood for me.

Thank you, Jesus.


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