“We Do” – Thoughts on Our First Anniversary

One year of marriage!  My grandpa says, “If you can make it a year, you can make it forever.”  We celebrated with a fancy dinner, traditional gifts (paper!), and watching our wedding ceremony.

Last night was our first time to watch the videoed ceremony.  On a day typically reserved for a private celebration between husband and wife, I was struck again by this line addressed to the congregation:

Do all of you witnessing these promises pledge to do all in your power to uphold Greg and Meaghan in their marriage? 

Our friends and family responded with a hearty, “We do.”

I was reminded afresh of how much support Greg and I have around our marriage.  Parents who have been married 34 and 31 years.  Bridesmaids who wrap me in prayer.  Groomsmen who serve wholeheartedly.  A pastor who teaches us good and true lessons.  Family friends who have known me from infancy.  Family friends who have known Greg from infancy.  New friends and mentors who will travel across the state for a wedding.  Dear friends who weren’t able to make it to the wedding, but build up our marriage so much.   A church small group that loves us and is faithful to be present.  Fellow Christian graduate students who help us learn more and more.  Family friends who send anniversary cards!

I’ve mused before how it takes a village, and this understanding is only getting stronger with time.  The Lord has given us people to look up to, to mentor, and to share life with.  I am so grateful for our village.

Thank you, all my dear loved ones.


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