Turns out I have a terrible allergy to my antibiotic.  A summary in stats.

Antibiotic pills taken before reaction: 20

Hours before reaction started: 24

# of Benadryl taken, so far: 10

# of times I feared my throat would close: 1

ERs/Urgent Cares visited before someone looked in my throat: 3

Grumpy nurses: 2

Time spent in ER: approximately 1.5 hrs.  A record, I believe.

Trips to CVS, so far: 5

4 Worst places to get hives: finger webbing, ankles, lower abdomen, armpit

Times I’ve gone crazy because my hands itch so badly: 3

Days of steroids required: 11

Duration of hives in any one location: 30 – 60 minutes

Best husband/caretaker in the world: Greg

Things I’m grateful for: Greg. breathing. medicine. doctors. timing of experiments at work. ability to miss days of work. Sherlock on Netflix. oatmeal. texts from friends. not travelling.  itch-free sleep. proximity of CVS. cold coke cans.



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  1. Hello, sweet Meaghan. I’m so very sorry that you have had to deal with hives. We are praying for you, dear one. I’ve never logged in on your blog before, so I have been getting caught up with your posts over the past year. You never cease to amaze me, and my heart thrills that God would be so gracious to bring you into my son’s life.

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