Baby Explosion: A Crochet Update

Since my last post, our friends have had a baby explosion!  Here’s an update on my most recent crochet projects.

I started working on a blanket for Baby Talia shortly after I finished Forest’s.  I was so tired of switching colors every row that I made these squares out of all one color.  I think it turned out sweet, but Forest’s blanket was much more intricate, and I liked it better.

Talia overview Talia closeup Talia Owl


After Talia was born, babies started coming faster and faster!  I was so tired of blankets, but still wanted to crochet gifts.  I stumbled across a pattern for adorable baby shoes on Etsy, and the rest is history…

First up was Baby Jackson.  I chose lime green to go with his nursery colors.

Jackson Cars Jackson Shoes

Aren’t the cars adorable??!  His parents were pretty floored.  The hat turned out pretty cute, too.  I bought the pattern for the shoes here and the hat here.


Next up were two babies born to Baylor parents.  Naturally, they had to have bear gear!


These shoes were so much fun to make.  I found some bamboo yarn on clearance: the softest thing ever!!!  The pattern for the shoes can be bought here and the hat here.  For baby #2, who we knew would be a girl, I added miniature versions of the pink flower to each of the shoes and used the pink yarn for the bottom border of the hat.  But, I apparently forgot to take (or can’t find) the pictures!  

I was so thrilled to receive pictures of these sweethearts in their bear gear.  Let’s have a collective “awwwwwww.”

Noelle's BabyJenna

Lastly, my Angry Birds-obsessed nephew got a surprise hat in October.

Angry Birds HatHe was quite pleased, but I’m not sure he really knew what to do with it!  (Pattern available free here!)

Whew, that’s a lot of small children.  What fun!




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