Peruvian Oddities

I just got back from 2 weeks in Peru on what was, essentially, my first international trip.  Wow!

I found a few things the Peruvians did a little odd…

– In Peru, toilet paper can’t go in the toilet.  I suppose that’s why they call it “papel higienico” instead.

– I never saw a single kleenex while I was there.  Perhaps Peruvian noses never run.

– The doors to buildings are always open – with no air conditioning to keep in, there’s no reason for them.

– If you don’t ask for the check at the restaurant, you’ll never get it.

– Getting on an airplane is a Kodak moment.  I was on a plane about every 2 days during my trip, and every single time some member of the family was having their picture made in front of the plane… or in the jet bridge.

– In the US, people disembark airplanes row by row.  In Peru, people treat the main aisle of the plane like a highway: the people already there have right of way, and people who had the window seat have to put on their blinker and wait for an opening.



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