Sitting at the Feet of the Trinity

…sharing the life of the Trinity is like a young child listening to a fantastic conversation of adults in a pub:

“Think for a moment of a group of three or four intelligent adults relaxing together in one of those conversations that have really taken off. They are being witty and responding quickly to each other–what in Ireland they call ‘the Crack.’ Serious ideas may be at issue, but no one is being serious. Nobody is being pompous or solemn (nobody is preaching). There are flights of fancy. There are jokes and puns and irony and mimicry and disrespect and self-parody…Now this child is like us when we hear about the Trinity.” – Henry McCabe from God, Christ, and Us

Via my friend Rachel because I can’t figure out Tumblr.  I love, love, love this picture.  I remember often sitting on the floor of my mom’s office listening to her talk to others, soaking in all her wisdom about topics seemingly over my head.  I love the picture of this being how I relate to the Trinity, privileged to sit at His feet and listen, basking in the love.


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