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I had a dream (3)

… in which Greg wore a bike helmet to our wedding, and we forgot to dance at our reception

… in which my physics lab partner forgot to turn on the power supply to his car

… in which I layed out copies of my honors thesis next to my wedding program

… in which Greg slayed two two-foot ant/cockroaches with a plastic knife

… in which bears kept getting in to our new, huge, apartment home – looking for empty tuna bags

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I had a dream… (2)

… in which I learned that the Highland coffee recipe includes one bottle of Coke.
… in which I ran for LHS student council after graduating from Baylor, with a platform that included a CG video, an island, and a porcupine
… in which I disabled an invading robot by removing the sticker from his left hand
… in which I won a free trip to Disney World, but had to attend the organizer’s family reunion afterward
… in which I got a purple “mercy” myrrh lantern, lost a pearl earring, got married, and planned to stay in 2 castle hotels for a week
… in which my CG had a sleepover where everyone wore Winnie the Pooh themed pajamas, and I took a picture
… in which Greg carried me to the golf course – which turned out to have a miniature zoo -, a macaque monkey bit me, and they had to call the witch doctor – who was performing clinical trials

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I had a dream…

… in which Greg was my partner in a dance routine for the Navy.
… in which my dad pulled some strings to get me in Boy Scouts for a week, and I failed the knot-identification portion of the OA ordeal.


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In Which I Argue with the Logic of My Dreams

In my dream last night, things had apparently gotten pretty bad. Worldwide depression, some famines, bad weather, etc. The Church (there’s only one) decided that since things were so bad, the world needed to celebrate, so they moved Easter up by two weeks.
In the dream, it wasn’t to remember the glorious Joy that is the resurrection of Christ on Easter morning (praise the Lord!); it was rather a decision to say, “Hey! Let’s all put out happy decorations and light candles and sing songs and eat candy and everything will all be alright again.”
I voiced my disagreement with whoever I was having coffee in the dream. Lent is a time of fasting, prayer, and devotion to remember the forty days Jesus spent in the wilderness and His ultimate sacrifice. Cutting Lent short in the midst of hard times seemed counterintuitive; this dream Church was cutting away the time intended for us to better understand our suffering through Christ’s suffering and a time intended for more intense fasting and prayer, all for a surface level happiness.

And I woke up from this strange dream about the philosophy of the Church calendar and decided to write a blog entry.

So, embrace the lessons of Lent.

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Things I Learn From My Dreams

My Bible does not have a bike horn embedded in the front cover, surprisingly enough.

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