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Youthful Idealism

I’ve reached it. The Romantic time of life full of youth and idealism. We’re old enough that we are starting to find our place in this world and how we want to better it, and we’re young enough not to have our ideals burdened by tragedy or destroyed by satan.

We have dreams to change the world by helping its people. One of my friends wants advanced science and theology degrees so that he can teach students to heal the false chasm between faith and science. Another friend is learning about running a business so that he can start up small companies in developing countries all over the world to help lift people out of poverty. Another friend is studying medicine and the environment so he can affect health on a national or global scale. I’m trying to figure out how to get to my goal of helping large numbers of people in third-world countries with simple technologies.

We have a firm belief that we will eventually find the man or woman with whom we can share our whole lives, serving God and changing the world together.

People and demons have tried to tell us we can’t. Divorced parents and broken friends sit among us, yet still we believe in true Love. Jaded scientists, graduate schools, and employers tell stories of how no one can really change the world with a handful of dreams and ideas.
But we don’t care.

We’re full of Hope, of Love, of Joy, of Faith. The world is our oyster. The God of the Universe is our King and our Friend, and He has given us these talents to invest in His people.

Oh, how wonderful is this time! I revel in the excitement when friends tell me their hopes and dreams. I pray to God, watching the many doors before me and awaiting their opening. I believe that, with God’s great help, we can have a more glorifying Church, world-changing careers, a love that lasts a lifetime.

I marvel that I can step outside this glorious excitement and compare it to what is often called the naive idealism of youth, the idealism that is slowly relinquished as many age and settle. I look along the beam and yet simultaneously study it for what it is.
I searched for quotes about idealism as I wrote this post, and all of them are cynical. Few people believe that idealism and hope can last or accomplish anything worthwhile.
I scoff at these doubters and smile. I worship the creator, the Father God of this universe, and He has placed these dreams and goals inside the hearts of those who serve Him. With His help, anything is possible. And though humanity can never create a perfect world–this world is doomed to die with the old heavens–God can and will create a new heaven and a new earth. How beautiful!

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