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Role Playing

I pick out a pretty, sparkly dress. I strap on (low) heeled shoes. I borrow some old, beautiful jewelry. And I top it off with a flowing headpiece – my veil.

My veil.

In the months leading up to our wedding, Greg and I discussed how unreal it felt. How all the preparations seemed like we were getting ready to play roles, and the outfits felt like costumes or dress-up clothes. It couldn’t really be us getting married, could it?

We spent a lot of time letting the reality of our upcoming marriage try to sink in. It really was us getting married! There were a lot of moments of things “getting real”: asking for addresses, sending out Save the Dates, picking out my dress, Greg moving down, taking bridal portraits, getting gifts, etc., etc.

In some measure, the reality sank in (and is still sinking in as we learn what living with another person is like!). We did get married. We stood before God, our pastor, our family, and our friends and made a covenant with one another. It’s his last name I sign every day. Greg and I will be living the effects of that one promise for the rest of our lives.

But, in another sense, getting married is playing a role. Playing a grand, cosmic role!

God has seen fit to call the church His Bride. The Bride of Christ! The one for whom He has laid down His very life, the one whom He purified and made radiant and spotless.
And on the day Greg and I married, we were playing roles – that of Christ and His Church. We play-acted for everyone there the great, crazy, impossible story of God’s love for us. And in learning to love one another better throughout our marriage, we’re learning and displaying God’s love more and more.


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